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Honda Civic owners warned of handbrake flaw


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Honda has written to all Civic drivers in Britain to notify them of problems with faulty handbrakes.

The Japanese firm said it was sending out letters to 63,000 drivers of the Swindon-produced car to alert them to the problem

It comes after a number of customer complaints that the handbrake did not stick if applied when pushing the release button.


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This is old news unfortunately.

My wife has an 06 new civic, and she had the handbrake recall in december 07.

However, Honda did not have the parts, and would not be able to resolve the issue before April confused.gif

So....we are waiting for Honda to contact us, to say that they now have the replacement parts...until then, don't rely on the handbrake.....

There have been a few recalls for this car, including steering rack, rear shocks and fuel filler cap...teething problems with early models i assume.

Nice car to drive tho, cheap to run and great interior

Just waiting for the next recall ha.gif

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