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Stratstone Landrover Milton Keynes

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So New car collected from these and TBH - they gave me the best deal financially - so cant complain.

Otherwise they were disinterested, condecending, arrogant and lots of other words I cant spell. Even offered to drop the car on the drive while I was away and post the keys through the letter box. When I aske dto inspect the car in a dry environment I was advised they dont have one so I'll have to trust them.

They spoke to my Mrs 'like she was a woman' - she manages a large procurements group and hates ignorant suppliers with a vengence, especially those that talk down to women.

In the past when I have had new cars (its always me and the Mrs) she gets a bunch of flowers - no such luck here.

Handover was quick - I dislike the bloke doing it so wanted him gone. Since collection the sales guy I spoke to have not enquired at all - he wasnt there for handover.

Finance figures varied depending upon when you rang / visited.

TBH if it hand been for price I would have used them and I certainly have little interest in putting mroe business there way.

Its hard to say exactly - I guess the nearest comparison I could make is to Classic NTL customer service.

Over all rating for sales - 2/10 (because I like the car and am feeling generous).

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Yeah but they have some right dodgy methods as well.

They insisted the Forms were signed last week, wasnt inconvenient, but I checked and was assured that finance would start from delivery of car - they actually put it through last week and finance commencement was last week - they couldnt get the car to me at the time.

The finance bloke broke a couple of other FSA rules / guides as well during the course of the dealings.

They were truely aweful. so much so I would actually suggest that they are on par with Wayside aftersales.

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There's something about car dealers in Milton Keynes. Wayside VW and Audi are a complete bunch of tossers, Johnson Honda (I think that's what they're called) killed the engine on one of our company cars by not filling it with oil during the service and I'm yet to hear anything complimentary about Stratstone.

Wayside VW got told in no uncertain terms to get stuffed. They somehow got word that I was interested in buying an R32 in June last year and were phoning me twice a day to try and get me to buy it from them. Tossers.

At least the dealers I've dealt with in Northampton and Bedford (Bedford Audi especially) have been a lot better.

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Bedford Audi are good for service - thats where mine have been done.

Peterborough Landrover were very good, helpfull and 'truthful' - Stratstone have proven to be nothing but liars and a real indication of how car dealers get such a bad name. Dodgy bunch of fekwits..... They have actually wound me up more in 1 purchase than wayside group managed in 25......

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Couldn't agree more with this thread someone in my office had absolutely shocking treatment from MK Land Rover ended up having to get head office involved and Wayside, I think Bill Gates himself could walk in there and they'd assume he couldn't afford one of their cars, I have bought 3 Audi's in recent years and wouldn't go near them, and I'm 5 mins away, I'm more than happy to drive to Bedford for servicing as well.

Dealt with BMW in MK this week who are also Stratstone and was reasonably impressed, but could have been a fluke.

Would like to shout out to Steven Eagle Toyota though who look after my wifes Rav4, fantastic service, shame they don't have a single car I'd want to drive in the range!

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I have had a couple of BMW's from Victoria BMW as they were known and they were ok at first then started calling me "mate" and I got messed about no end.

Its a shame as I am now after another car and have omitted BMW altogether (as well as VW as they are bloody awful) and today spent a few hours in Northampton and as per usual all good. Looks like an A6 will be joining our little stable as a result...

As for Wayside Audi - never heard a good thing about them from anyone!

Its amazing how bad after sales can be - but hearing this about Stratstone is alarming - don't they want to sell cars???

I must admit so far my experience of the Porsche Dealers is very good though - sales and service although I know I cant speak for everyone (can I Chris!).

Anyone got anything to say about Lexus MK? I am off there tomorrow just to see what the Japanese brand can do for my hard earned!


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