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I dont know if this is posted in the correct place, but i feel you guys sholud be aware of this.

I recently bought a MFD 2 from the above company through Ebay which had been advertised as brand new. On receipt of the goods, it was quite clear they were not and the casing had been slightly damaged.

I rang and complained and he started to give me bull about the items being the latest model and that i must have read the advert wrong!!!!


Any how after applying a little pressure he said he would give me a refund.

Now i should be happy but iam £44 out of pocket ( £25 original postage not returned plus my postage costs to return) and for my troubles he has given me negative feedback! what a Bl@@@dy cheek.

These guys are now the main sellers of MFD2 and 3 in this country and blag on their website about being a trusted UK seller. I wouldnt trust them with a barge pole mad.gif

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Used them a couple of years ago - cowboys. They advertised sat-nav units without any stock, and then strung me along. I got a refund - eventually.

I hope you returned the negative feedback? I'm sure if you report to ebay that the item was returned due to mot being as advertised you can get back all costs AND he cant leave neg feedback? Worth a quick mail to ebay about it.

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