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Buying Lupo Gti and need advice on stereo


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Hi there.

I'm lookin to buy a Lupo Gti in the next few months and have a question re. a sub.

I'm no boyracer but do like my stereo and would like to know if my 10inch sub and box would in the boot??

I have seen the boot on the Lupo and it put doubt in my mind that my sub would even fit. Its only in a standard sized box for a 10inch sub.

Any help with this would be appreciated. Cheers.

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I used to run a sub and amp in my Mini prior to buying my Polo Gti, i've found that the standard speakers are fairly good quality, however if your looking for that deep not, before installing the sub (if u can get it too fit) it might be worth just upgrading the existing speakers. If you want to stick with a sub, and yours doesn't fit, I would highly recommened Infinity's Bass link x - its a 10" sub and amp combo designed for small boots but has the power of a very good system, typical from Infinity! I had it in my Mini before some s0d nicked it, so should fit in a Lupo boot ECLIPSe.gif

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Ive got a 12" RF HX2 sub in my Loop without any probs,

I have lost all my boot as I have built my own box


I've seen lots of loops with standard (small) sub enclosures. Depends what type of music your into, if your into dance, a 10" sub in a small encloseure would work well in a small boot.

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