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Headlight washer pipe union fix


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As posted on here earlier, somebody shoved a B&Q trolley into the lower bumper of my A6. Broke the foglight mount and the headlight washer union pipe. This meant a bleep and 'low washer fluid' symbol on each start-up. Which is annoying and not good for windscreen cleaning.

Anyway, bought a new union and today, fitted it.

What a palava! Trying to remove the old union - streuth! Wish the car was poorly built now! getting the Audi 'Jubilee' clips off was a nightmare, just about used a screw driver to prise the clip apart and then unwind it. All three of them.

Anyway once off, I put in a new union and and filled the washer bottle. No leaks!

Now, just need to purchase the foglights. I think it is 2 screws to do and change the cable.

Bora rear brakes and discs tomorrow. Should be fun

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