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How do you take the front bumper off??


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Front bumper

Removing and installing front bumper


you might want a hand lowering to the ground to avoid scratches etc.

Front bumper

Removing and installing front bumper

• ‒ Noise insulation removed.

• ‒ Unclip air duct grilles on left and right.

• ‒ On right side, unclip air duct for alternator at bumper cover.

• ‒ On vehicles with headlight washer system, use hose clamp 3094 to pinch off hose at T-piece on the right side.

• ‒ Pull hose off T-piece.

• ‒ Detach the three clips in front area of wheel-housing liner and unfasten the two nuts at wheel housing.

• ‒ → Remove screw -1-.

• ‒ Remove bumper -4- to front.

Icant seem to add attachments for pics right now frown.gif

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