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Ayr Audi - VW Servicing

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Ayr Audi in the west coast of Scotland are now offering VW servicing. They have very special introductory rates to take custom away from the local VW franchise. They also say that can take care of any VW warranty claims.

The prices look very attractive,for an Audi dealer so if you're in the area and your VW is due for a service or MOT it may be worth giving them a call and see what they offer you.

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Remember you can get them to give you a quote for the wok and then take it across the road to the VW dealer and they'll match it because it's within a 5 mile radius.

As with all marketing you have to be careful and read the small print and if in doubt, speak to them and get a quote for what is being done. Marketing material will always show the best scenario ie. the lowest price option (basic sevice)

I used them to service my old man's Polo and they gave him really good service and a very competitive price.

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