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Selling wheels / tyres - any ideas


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Hi Guys,

A while back one of my wheels got damaged when my wife hit a deep pothole. A new wheel from Audi was going to be well over a grand so I decided to buy a new set of wheels / tyres as it was cheaper..

After a few arguments about the pothole Hertfordshire council have agreed to pay for the new wheels / tyres jump.gif

I now have four of these wheels / tyres of the same type as shown here http://www.audiworld.com/news/02/a8launch/content4.shtml

One of the wheels needs repairing due to the pothole and to be honest the others are not perfect as the lacquer is lifting off in some areas so the whole set could do with being renovated. The tyres are all good with plenty of tread and the wheels have the tyre pressure sensors in them.

To buy these new would cost over £5K but obviously they are only worth a fraction of that now. Any ideas whats the best way to get some money back on them?



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