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HELP! Leak from a new car


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Picked the new Mark V up on Monday and only just noticed a clear viscous fluid leak (which I presume is oil from the rear which smells like fried onions of all things.

It must have been happening from day 1 as there are small dots of oil all over the garage floor.

Managed to get underneath and take a pic


Ive put a bowl underneath overnight to judge the flow.

The leak appears to be coming from a rounded silver area which is above a black bar between the rear wheels

Going to ring dealership as soon as they open

Any ideas?

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Well it turns out it was the seal on the rear diff.

Got the car back from the dealers after a very thorough inspection and seems great.

For the trouble, the first service is FOC and a nice bottle of champagne as an pology.

Top effort form a genuinely gutted dealership

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