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Fuel light problem


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[2001 GOLF GT TDI 115bhp]

Evening all,

The 'Please Refuel' warning light keeps coming on whenever turning regardless of how much fuel there is in the tank. The fuel gauge falls on turns and then rises when straightening-up. I still have a dodgy speedometer (see previous thread), so the two problems may be related.

Any ideas on what causes this?

These problems have all appeared within a few weeks of having the clutch master&slave cylinders replaced. About a month before the clutch work, the steering arms (tie rods) were replaced. If any of these could cause this problem, please let me know what plausible/technical reasons I can give to the garage that carried out the work, as the work is under a 12month warranty (though its unlikely they will admit they did something wrong).

Thanks in advance.

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