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Headlight refurshbishing after 163k miles - D2 facelift


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I have posted this on detailingworld as Ska already saw (thank for the comments by the way) but thought it might be useful to repost here in case anyone fancied giving it a go themselves....

My mate and i were recently inspired by another DW user 'Detailer27' when he posted his thread about reconditioning his Audi A3 headlights in his thread here and decided to have a go ourselves this weekend on a cold rainy saturday.

My car has done 163k milesso the headlights were seriously scratched (although due to my rubbish camera it was a bit hard to show).

Products used:

Megs wet and dry sandpaper

400 (dry)

800 dry

1500 wet

2000 wet

2500 wet

3000 wet

Sand block

Megs G220

Megs Plastix

A bucket

Detail spray

3M Tape

microfiber towels

This is what it looked like before...


First off, we put the wet and dry paper in water with fairy liquid overnight to make sure it was properly lubricated and ready to use the following day.


We then taped up the car and commenced with the sanding using 400 dry paper



This is what it looked like after the first run.


We then proceeded with 800 dry, 800 wet, 1500 wet, 2000 wet, 2500 wet and then 3000 wet.






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