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New owner saying hello!


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I've just taken a '98 S8 in px towards my modified Skoda Octavia 4x4 and as this seems to be one of the more active forums for owners of these cars I decided to sign up.

My S8 is Volcano black with black leather and has a couple of extras like the rear electric sunblind and the boot mounted sat nav. It's sat on 19" A8 multispokes with 255/40 rubber. The shocks have been replaced with Bilstiens and it has RS4 discs with RS6 8pot calipers up front. There's also a few amps and subs installed in the boot. Finally in the cabin there are a couple of car kits and an ipod connector.

Initial impressions are good; it's really a nice place to be inside, the engine sounds great when revved and it's a comfy ride whilst still handling well. Grip from standing seems a little better than my old Octavia. I'm having to get used to the reduction in power but it still has plenty enough.

There's a few things I need to sort which are:

Bubbling paint on petrol filler cap (otherwise paintwork looks mint).

A few stickers need removing.

Rear sunblind is slightly misaligned so doesn't go back in fully.

Drivers headrest doesn't work properly and makes an electrical burning smell when going down.

Drivers seat heating doesn't work.

Passenger side mirror doesn't fold in and sometimes doesn't reset after dipping for reversing.

Radio buzzes when sidelights are on (LED sidelights fitted).

Finally it wouldn't start this morning, I suspect the battery is to blame for this so I'll test it tonight.

Once I've got the basics sorted I fancy some different wheels and an exhaust so I can hear a bit more of the V8. :D

I've been looking through all the useful information on audipages so have plenty to go on for sorting the problems. Any useful tips would be welcome though.

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Hi Ed!

Welcome to TSN and rest assured you won't find a better forum to be on for your S8 than here!

There are many guys here that will be able to help you fix a lot of the little niggles you've got and feel free to always ask! +++


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EddyH...... as in EddyH from briskoda? If so, I am/was "Pimpster" from there! Sold the octy vrs a couple of years ago now, had a number of cars since then, and now a 2002 S8!

Welcome to TSN dude. It is the most active UK S8 forum, so you should be able to get all your questions answered.

What are your plans for the car mate?

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Yes I'm that EddyH!

Initially I just want to get everything working and tidied up. Will also do a few minor stuff like changing the side repeaters, After that some wheels and some interior changes such as facelift armrests and a different head unit. I'd also quite like an exhaust. At the moment I have no intention to modify to the extent I did my Octavia.

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"Passenger side mirror doesn't fold in and sometimes doesn't reset after dipping for reversing."

Hi EddyH,

You couldn't have picked a better forum IMHO. Anyway, I have the same problem with my mirrors too although the dipping action works fine. So, before I try anything (I've had a stalling problem lately that took up some time :() please let me know how you get on.

I take it that the mirror works 8 or 9 times out of 10. :ffs:

Best wishes,


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