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Audi RS6 Alloy Prep...Clean.....SHINE !


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Well finally got round to giving the wheels on my car a clean inside and out.

Process :

1. Each wheel taken off and cleaned with Megs APC, then hosed off.

2. Autoglym Tar remover, plenty of this stuff inside the alloy.

3. Clayed with Megs.

4. Poorboys SSSR1 where needed and then Poorboys Pro Polish.

5. Clearkote Red Moose Glaze to give the silver that extra 'pop'.

6. 2 coats of Poorboys wheel sealant.

7. A quick blast of Surf City Garage QD, nice stuff !

This was done over a few days, time sparing, but if you have a nice set of wheels it is well worth it once a year like I do. The appearance/shine of the wheel is outstanding especially with the inside of the alloy being treated, this somehow seems to make the outer look even better !. My neighbour commented on how they looked newer than new !

I will try and get a few pictures loaded up asap.

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Good process mate.

Need to mine soon and look forward to the pics!

Thanks +++, it took a while but got there in the end. Well worth the time.

Its amazing the amount of muck/tar etc on the insides of the wheels. Also mamanged to get rid of some of the black glue they use to stick the balancing weights on with, this looked awful before.

The glaze is worthwhile investment IMO, it brings the silver up so well, +++ to steelwind101 for the recommendation earlier on last year when I first got the car.

Next thing is the annual APC/clay/polish/glaze/seal or wax on the paint !!!

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Hi Dibbs!

Im sure the car looks great, i hope we do get some pics! Im glad you liked the recommendation. You need to top the Red Moose Glaze in order to lock in the good looks though!


To top the glaze I used Poorboys Wheel Wax (2 coats), is that ok do you think?

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Ill give your wheels a check over in work in the morning...im sure they will be detailed to your usual high standard...

And then let you do mine next... :)

Did mine this week ...so they are still not too bad..

heres a piccy..(and then it rained)


Cheers pal, have a look in the morning if you want. Took some time, but worth it. Yours look good, have you tried the EZ detail brush?, nice bit of kit to get to the back of the wheel. +++

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