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Just seen an advert for a new Hyundai i10 city car. Costs around £6.5K and has a 5 year unlimited mileage warranty.

Even Fiat are offering 5 year unlimited mileage warranty on the new Bravo.

Has me thinking should I buy one of these for my daily commute and run into the ground and keep the R just for the weekend?

I can't imagine it will be as much fun

My point actually is when are the main manufacturers going to offer decent warranties or is it the case they are scared we will keep our cars longer?

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The new Fiats seem to do quite well as far as not breaking down goes!

The Hyundai should be fine, we have had a Picanto (for my sister) for about 5 yrs not hassel. Kia warrentys even cover exhausts etc. and the Megentis i got for a friend (a few months back) now has a life time warrenty on it. Thats for as long as the owner has it the car. You do have to service it at an proper Kia dealer and it cost £99, seeing as it had such glowing reports the friend thought it was well worth going for.

Also, you can just see the amount of Hyundai/Kias sold in the USA where "cars" have reliability as one of the major concerns among buyers. I think as i mentioned i had been some old ones with many 100k mi on the clock. Yes the older ones were ropie, but does that means todays are....no. Esp. as i think the "I" series have all been designers esp. for europe like the new Kia.

With regard things parked up beside the road or the Mway. Things like that are often down to poor owners more then breakdowns from mechicanical faults. Not enough oil, broken brakes, driving cars that should be repaired and trying to do "another" journey etc.

All i can say is, i havent been dissapointed with any Korean cars so far given. I havent gone in expecting a Roller and i havent left bad. Compared to a Ford or Vauxhall or Fiat all of those run of the mill things you wont be dissapointed when you factor in all the costs. And im not saying that means they are cheaper so its ok, im saying they are good value for money.

Anyway! Go test drive and you will know for yourself!


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