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Paramount Performance - any experiences?


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:grin: Has anyone any experience, good or bad, with Paramount Performance? I've heard good things from various Jag/Porsche owners but they also offer BMW remapping.

:grin: The guy on the phone sounded knowledgable, they do a RR run before, download all the data, then custom remap, then RR after for a pretty reasonable price. Other plus sides are that they are fairly local and well established - just wish I knew another BMW owner who'd used them! +++

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Just a word of warning before putting your car on a RR...

I wanted a base RR on my 535d before getting e-Maps in to do the nessasary, anyway, I used Surrey Rolling Road, all went well till we took the car off the RR. EVERY... and I'm not exadurating here! EVERY system went cookoo.

The list is too long to list, but basically because the front wheels were stationary and the rear wheels were doing 100+mph, the ECU obviously thought the car was in an accident.

Power steering was disabled, airbags were disabled, all traction control systems were disabled and a screen on iDrive came up saying something like "Drive with extreme caution, saftety systems unavailable"

chap at Surrey RR said it had happened a few times and it all goes back to nrmal after a few miles... so I drove from VIrginia Water to Pinner with no power steering or other safety aids!

Wasn't that bad and once Simon at eMaps had cleared the error messages the car was fine.

Just a word of caution Bazza. Oh, that and I've not bothered getting a RR done post-remap as an Auto box makes getting an accurate reading difficult. I am SO VERY HAPPY with the results, there is no need +++


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Hello Bazza,

i came across this thread and have been to Paramount Performance to have my Audi remapped, the chaps there were very friendly and knowledgable when it can to OBD tuning/remapping and there set up is excellent. they have a rolling road which is always a good thing to have and they do have a lot of other performance mods avaliable. i cannot fault them.

hope this helps


(Drive it like you stole it):grin::grin::grin::grin:

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