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How to remove A-pillar trim...? (D2 S8)


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If your car is a facelift, with the head airbags (which I'm certain yours is) then you get fouled up by the curtain roof airbags.

When you remove the grab handle, you will see a very, very small metal cable with ball on the end of it. using needle nose pliers, this needs pulling out an inch or so - its quite tight - and this releases the A pillar trim. There will be a distinct action when it releases.

It is so tight on to make sure that the airbags deploy in the right direction, hence its not just clipped on, it has special sliding clips that can only be removed in this way.

Alternivitely, you might find the original installed cheated a little and just stuffed them up the A pillar, so perhaps they will pull along the length of it without actually removing it. Definitely Worth a go +++

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