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Excess re-payment!!!


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At last!!!!!

A cheque is in the post from my insurance company to cover my £150 excess fee and they've also covered the hire car rental.

This was from my accident in September, where some muppet moved into my lane trying to undertake me and he came off worse!

Matey's insurance company dithered and dragged their feet fo so long, I even had to send a picture of my damaged front wing - as they were trying to blame me for running into the back of him. The picture clearly showed the damage on the side of my car so there was no way I could have hit him in the way matey must had described it. I hope his company chuck the book at him for lying in the first place. He also said the accident was somewhere else???

It was a day the M11 was closed, so I think he was going down the A1 (at a fair rate of knots) as a detour. He didn't seem to know where he was.

Oh well, nevermind - a correct outcome on this one. :grin:

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