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CD / Concert with BOSE playing up

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Had this problem for months now, in her B5

Froggy has checked out the CD player and reckons it is OK but has offered to recheck it.

Concert shows up ERR or NOCD message

seems to be related to movement ( or is it time that it is switched on i.e. heat related??)

I have now also played about and got the message up whilst stationary ( in garage) if I use the change CD buttons ( occasionally - not all the time)

Is it feasible thet the problem may be related to the Concert CD control buttons ( even when not being pressed) ?

She has also mentioned that this appears to have started about the time that the emergency flasher relay was replaced ( located directly above Concert) would they have removed Concert unit when replaceing relay?

I've taken it out and everthing looks OK

Any suggestions that will return me to sanity .....oh and allow her to play CDs


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