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Switched Live Facelift S8


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I always go to the passengers footwell and take my live of off the multitude of switched and un-switched lives in there. Just make sure you fuse it at source.


Hi Mike

Thats the obvious place on that side but I was hoping not to have to disturb the centre consul/trim and just run something off a switched live near the column.

Maybe I'll just have to be braver but it's a pain getting past the consul side panels (I had them off to do my drains but what a PITA they are to get back on)

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You could tap off the back of the navigation unit if simplicity is really what you seek. Pop the head unit out and away you go. Then remove the instrument cluster (2 x 4mm hex bolts) and feed it through.

It would be better with a seperate fuse and run from the passenger footwell, but I know it can seem a pain to get the center console trims off/on again....

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You dont need to bend the side trims. Slide the front seats all the way back. Then tip the front all the way up, and the back all the way down. The angle of the seat then gives you space to manouver underneath, which is vital.

Remove the screw for the side panel then slide it forwards half an inch, and then down. Feed the bottom of the side panel over the seat leg and under the front seat and towards the rear of the car too. With the seat tipped up, this is so much easier to do. Once free of the glovebox, use the remaining space to move the trim around until it comes out easily and stress free from the car.

It goes back in exactly the same way. There should only be a very modest amount of bending if done right, certainly not enough to crease anything.

Happy wiring... +++

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Did this today, one thing we all overlooked (especially me) is the great big fusebox in the offside footwell directly underneath where the roadpilot was going.

All the leccy in the world in there.

All in and working now.

Thanks for the suggestions and Ian, as ever, is right about the side trims, with the seats in the right position it is easier (Albeit still a bit of a guddle)

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