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Country Lanes Of Hell...


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Just taken a look at the Mrs 130 and it looks like the car's been in an accident !

Everyday the car goes through single track country lanes and quite clearly gets scratched by hedges and trees along the way.

As the car colour is quite dark (Le Mans Blue) it shows up marks.

Is there a wax/protective finish that can be applied maybe quarterly ? I suggested that she just be more carefull.... but you can guess how that went down...


Paul +++

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I'm sure someone will be along to suggest something better but I've found multiple layers of Klasse HGSG tends to protact quite well; as I've had someone try to damage/key my car but found the T055er never got through the sealant let alone the top coat. But its hard work applying this stuff but it last for months

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There are very few things that can protect you from acutaly physical damage, the only thing i have read before that people say is tough enough to help would be KSG, the same as mentioned above. It can be layed well and is acutally a thich protector, but do keep any layers you apply thin!

Im sure any LSP might acutally help the bits of tree slide off your paintwork rather then scratch off though!


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