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I have mentioned this in another post so sorry to repeat this!

Basically I have the mentioned BT car kit installed. I was told that it works great and found that it had some good reviews. So I bought one. So far its never operated correctly! When using the system, I can hear the other person very well but at the other end its all distorted and can not be made out! The mic is located within roof light cluster, and the blue box is installed behind and below the sat nav unit! I have herd that the a/c unit might be causing interference?? Any advice will be most helpful as i am pulling my hair OUT!!


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When you say in the roof light cluster, do you mean mounted externally, or in the reccess for the VW mic??

Also do you have AC on?

I have a parrott also and it works fine. The issue I come across most when using the phone alot, is that if I, or the other person have the AC on, the distortion can be massive for the person on the other end of the line.

This seems to happen even at low fan speeds in my experience.

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