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Using a borrowed laptop


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Is it illegal for me to run VAG-COM on a friend's laptop if I uninstall it after I've finished? My laptop's not arrived yet and I need to carry out a service and check for faults.

edit:- before I go on my 1300 mile trip at the end of august - not sure when my laptop will be ready

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As I understood it the dongle was the "licence" so I wouldn't worry too much

From Rosstech website

3.6 What if I need to run VAG-COM on more than one PC?

Purchase of a VAG-COM software license entitles the buyer to simultaneous use of the program on only one PC. If you have a need to run VAG-COM on more than one PC, you should buy one of our Current Interfaces (which have Activation built in). Existing registered customers are eligible for a Upgrades to our newer interfaces.

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I can't see this being a problem if you own the cable.

That depends. It is the software which is licensed, not the cable. If you are running the shareware version 409 or earlier, then obviously it is legal, since the software is free. If you have a newer version, with dongle-lead then (as "mb" says) that too is fine.

If you have a 3rd party lead with a registered version 409, however, then you will have problems porting this from your friend's laptop to your own, since the registration is linked to the serial number of the computer on which the software is first installed. I think you can unregister it, and then ask Ross-Tech to reissue you a new license, and then reregister it on your new computer, but you might want to check with them.


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