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Clutch stink


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When trying to take off with much rev on the car(about 3k) it feels that the clutch has stuck and all i get is revs and for a few hours after an awful stink from the car. Is there any reason why this would happen? Also on the way from Dublin a few weeks ago while sitting around 90 on the motorway she dropped power for a few seconds and then kept going and never did before or since, any suggestions??



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The mk4 clutch can slip if you launch it hard from standstill INCORRECTLY

the clutch won't take it if you use high RPM and slip the clutch in like you do a FWD car.

Either you use small revs, slip in the clutch, and then bang on the thottle once the clutch is engaged.


You dial up 5000+ rpm, and bang in the clutch instantly with NO SLIP (ie side step the clutch), and feel the car rocket away from the lights.

You may have done some short term damage to the clutch if it's causing you problems still (ie glazed the clutch), which should go away with a some driving. There are various driving methods people suggest on how to try and de-glaze a clutch quickly.

If that doesn't work, then the clutch may need replacing.

It's hard to say how long a clutch should last too, I'm still on the original, and my car is approaching 80,000 miles. I believe it does vary so much depending on driving styles/life style of the car etc.

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Exactly as Fly has stated.

I did the drag strip at inters and foolishly used about 4k revs and did the old feed the clutch in as you would do normally which resulted in a 1/4 mile smoke screen, and a time my gran would have been embarrassed with due to it slipping all the way down the 1/4 !!

Second run tho i held 4k and side stepped the clutch which resulted in the car setting off like its never set off before.

It wasnt just me that did the clutch slip thing another few people also did it until being pointed in the right direction.

The car will stink for ages if you've slipped the clutch bad.

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