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Stolen T2 Bay orange (mustard) reg SFL 191K Bolton


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Hi people I know this is my first post but it is for my mum. Someone has stolen her VW camper from Farnworth. Reg SFL 191K.

The camper was seen by neighbours being loaded onto a blue recovery truck (with 'fancy' writing on the side) between 4.15pm and 5pm (approx) on Monday 27th October.

Its a T2 bay in orange and white. The orange is more of a mustard colour. It was imported from spain before she got it and as such is a left hand drive. It has a Westfalia interior and a pop top roof. It pretty tatty and some of the white bits like the bumpers have been hand painted. I will try to get some pics on but the only one I can find are the ones before it was shipped to the uk by the previous owners. Before it was reregisted in the uk its registration was NBW 483M (not sure if this matters) It also has some sticker left in the windows from a garage in Tormilinos if I remember corectly.

This is a picture of it in its hayday before it was re-registered in the uk. It is not in as good condition now has good old england and its weather has taken its toll.


I will try and get some more recent pics. If only they didnt invet digital cameras then things wouldnt go missing when you change you computer.

Sorry if I have put this in the wrong section. Please feel free to put it in the right place if this is the case.

This is the last picture taken of it before it was stolen. Its very bad quality sorry. We will keep looking for a better one.


If anyone has info please email me on [email protected]

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Just to let everyone know that my VW Bus (Colonel Mustard) was found and recovered a year ago and I eventually got him back in June 2010 after the police eventually released him from their 'pound'.

He is now in need of some tender loving care and up for sale (parts or restoration). I would love to keep him, but I just haven't got the time it will take to restore.

For Sale 1973 Type 2 Bay - VZi, Europe's largest VW forum, community and sales

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