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Riding bikes was obviously far too complicated


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for Jeremy Clarkson...

Jeremy Clarkson Vespa GTV Navy 125 review | Driving - Times Online

Although "Hmmm. Had I been photographed riding the local postmistress, then, yes, I’d have been shamed into making some kind of apology" makes me want to forgive him "Because bikes are designed by bikers — and bikers, as we all know, are extremely dim — they haven’t worked out how the front and back brake can be applied at the same time" makes it very difficult...

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Funniest thing I've read for a while.

This bit particularly tickled me -

"That said, a bike is much cheaper to run than a car. In fact, it takes only half a litre of fuel to get from your house to the scene of your first fatal accident."

And no mention of shagging ageing actors grandchildren!!! :rolleyes:

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