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[Audi A3/S3] Intermittant Xenon Problem...


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Over the last couple of months noticed that my offside xenon is slightly dimmer than my nearside, thought not much of it until I got the warning light on the dash for a blown bulb... :-(

Turned the light off and back on again and it was fine... Happened only every couple of days and now has started not coming on more often than not...

You see the bulb ignite initially for a millsecond and then goes out... after maybe 5 or 10 "lights off, lights on" the light will come one, but very dull and then slowly increase in brightness over 10 secs... Then will be slightly duller than the nearside...

Anyone had this same fault? I know it is likely to be the ballast, but with it being intermittant want to rule out dodgy connector or bulb on the way out...



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Its almost certainly the ballast, which is going to prove a problem.

As far as i know, they are not swapable on the 8L A3/S3.

the ballast is part of/attached to the headlight, with the HV wire going through the headlight housing , onto the bulky plug inside the headlight.

Also from what i have seen, there isnt the room to take a xenon bulb out of an S3, with the headlight in the car, which is another issue. To get the headlight out, its a bumper off job. Been there and done it.

Headlights from Audi are circa £450 each

Lamps are circa £120.

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