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Which connector is the permanent +12v for the raidio?


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Wonder if anyone who has ever fitted an aftermarket radio unit to an A8 could help me identify which cable is the +12v permanent supply for the radio back up?

Car is a 2000 model with the non-Bose (i.e. amplified rear, non-amplified front) setup. The stereo, which has standard ISO connectors, is connected via what looks like a standard Autoleads ISO<>Audi A8 connector block and works fine expect it loses all its settings as there is no backup power.

The connector block wires the (yellow) wire which should be the backup supply directly through pin to pin on the Audi conversion (i.e. assumes that the Audi supply has it in the same pin position as an ISO connector). Is this correct?

Searching around behind the dash I found a second yellow wire (just hanging loose) which supplys 12v until the driver's door is open so isn't a lot of good.

I suspect a car telephone has been fitted previously and removed which might have mean the wiring has been messed up but I might just be using the wrong wire.

Failing that, is there a suitable permanently supplied +12v feed I could take from the relay box under the passenger footwell and run into the back of the radio?

Thanks for any help,

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For a permamnent 12v feed, you could steal one from the cigarette lighter. But there should be a permanent 12v feed on there. Sometimes they get mixed up on cars. IIRC, VAG stereos have the switched and permanent 12v swapped to others (found out after fitting the car kit to the wife's car which then drained the battery).

Do you have the old radio? Some have the pinouts on the top/bottom.

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