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M3 Evo Gearbox problems


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SMG isn't a straight or easy swap... Requires associated ECUs and additional wiring, as well as changing EWS-II and DME to suit, I understand.

The Evo 6-speed box is, frankly, made of chocolate, and MUCH bigger and heavier than the 5spd. - No real advantage in having it. - Plenty of the ZF 5spd boxes around, as they were on all M3s, 328i, 328i Sport, etc... - May need matching 328i/M3 prop to account for differing box lengths. - Whole thing is nut and bolt swap and should take someone with skills a half-day of labour. (Where you at? May be able to recommend.) Give a maximum of £200 for a low mileage box and prop with good provenance.

Selector fork and spring return are the common failures, if I recall correctly. - Friend's experience leads me to believe that buying the necessary components is virtually impossible.

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If someone comes to look at the car and notes the 6spd is missing, you tell them it's a weak point on that model, yours failed so you replaced it with a stronger, cheaper, lighter 5-gang from a non-Evo.

If they know their stuff they'll understand. - If you seem to know your stuff, they'll accept this as the fact it is. - If they can't understand/accept, then you don't sell your motor to a spaz. :)

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