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E91 brake wear problem - advice needed!


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Hi all,

I would massively appreciate any light shedding or advice anyone can give me on this issue please, please:

Took my BMW 330i M Sport Touring (E91) to dealer today with a brake problem.

Basically I'm getting a constant rubbing noise - sounds like a loud squeak - from both rears at low speed - and the noise goes as soon as I touch the brake pedal.

Clearly its a brake related issue.

BMW told me that its definitely the rear pads that need replacing. They say that although these shouldn't need changing until about 30K miles (I've only done 17K and BMW confirmed there is plenty of life left in my pads yet) this is a 'NOTORIOUS' problem with 330i's and 335i's and the only way to solve this problem is to change the pads. And that this won't be covered by warranty. Grrrrrrr!

From my point of view, I have a number of issues with that news:

1. I have never heard or read of this 'NOTORIOUS' problem on any forum/car mag before.

2. I don't know why I should be paying to replace pads that are by BMW's own admission, only half way through their life.

3. I don't understand how this problem can be notorious on the 330i but not the 325i, when they are mechanically virtually identical.

4. A problem with brake pad rubbing, should surely be covered by warranty as this is surely more to do with an adjustment/design fault (hence covered by warranty) rather than a wear one?

So any other similar experiences out there? Is this problem notorious? Has anyone successfully managed to get this sorted on warranty?

But most of all, how best to handle this issue?

Many, many thanks for reading this and your much valued responses!


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Never heard of this problem and totally agree it should be a warranty issue. Fight them!!!

Thanks mate. And in the absence of any further replies I'm doing to work on the basis that this is definately NOT a notorious problem!

A letter to BMW UK, I think...

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