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audi a8 suspension steering house


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i noticed my left front wheel is not straight.

1. it's not parallel with the other wheels and 2. secondly it is tilted vertically.

I've put the wheel of and the arm going to the steering house is not straight, only at the end.

I would like to know if the steering arm consist of two parts, connected by the bolt colored green.

If that's true, i can replace the end part. If it's not true i have to replace the whole steerer ****.

What about the vertical tilt? Which suspension arm is most likely to be twisted?


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Wow. That is Fubared!!! :eek:

You can change it by undoing the nut and unscewing it from the steering arm.

I would suggest that at some stage you've his something solid. My guess would be that both the upper arm are bent. I would replace all control arms on thet side. Meyle do a set for replacement. Search the forum for Meyle.


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I removed the bolt on the steering arm and the thing came off easy.

Now the wheel is not pointing in the wrong direction, let's hope the steering arm is further straight, I will see this if I mounted the new end part.

Now the wheel is just turned inwards. I think the lower suspension arm is not straight.

I will make a photo tomorrow.

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