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vw golf gti mk4 problem!!!!!!!


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hi all,am new to this so bare with me lol!!!

i own a vw golf mk4 gti 1.8t,now the problem i keep getting is that my car keeps juddering and when it does this there is a clicking sound coming from under the drivers side dash.i can put my foot down and at higher revs it doesnt do this.i have just had a full sevice done aswell.

my car did breakdown on me a week ago and basically to cut a long story short my ignition con unit(which is connected to the side of the air box) burnt out plus the AA man noticed a coil had cracked.

now i have replaced both parts and had other coils checked which are fine but i dont understand wot this could be.bin told it could be a earthing out problem somewhere???

it has only started doing this since it broke down.

any help would be very grateful guys

thx jay.:)

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