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vag com

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saw an offer from gendan for vag com £199 have tried to use 409 with vista didnt work

i have a passat 130 2 v sport s and wish to check a few things out thank Paul

any on in Liverpool with Vag Com ?

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The new versions of VAG-COM (VCDS) work just fine with Vista, but the old versions that are usually ebay sourced are really old and generally pre-Vista and therefore don't work.

A new version definitely will +++

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Some addtional information about the old versions compared to the current ones...


- Cannot do Auto-Scan

- Won't display Text for all Fault Codes

- No Basic Settings (so no TBA, Xenon levelling, etc or checking timing on TDI's)

- No Adaptation Saving (so no changing of locking/lights/horn behavior)

- No Output Tests

- No Tech Support from Ross-Tech

Limitations of 311 and 409 even if Fully Registered:

- No Generic OBD-II

- Won't work with CAN-Bus vehicles

- Fewer fault code definitions and label files

- No built-in Activation (you'll be limited to a single PC)

- No Advanced Measuring Blocks

- No Acceleration Measurement

- No Automated Service Reset

- No Session Log Capabilities

- No Support for Guided Readiness Scripts

- No Optical Bus Diagnosis

- No Battery/Gateway Coding/Long Coding Assistant

- No (Automatic) Updates

- No ECU Mileage Reading (EDC15/16)

- No Support for Windows Vista and Windows 7

...and some more minor things as well. ;)

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