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There are Good Men in Audi Dealers!


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Took my car to local Audi Dealers (Wakefield)

As the middle seatbelt wouldnt lock (there was a sweet stuck in the unit!!)

Anyway, I mentioned to him about updating MMI. - I have 2830 in mine.

After having a chat with him about it, he said to bring it round back and he would do it for free!! - might take upto 2 hours though, didnt have time right then, but just wanted to share the good news as 'Stealers' do get slated sometimes.....

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reminds me of a repair I did last week on a Nintendo Wii...

I would have done it for free had the guy not started involving trading standards (or the threats anyway) about how he wanted a replacement because the CD would not feed in...

And this was after he had te unit for 9 months in his possession...and after 2 days of it being in repair!

So I made his repair priority, took it apart to find a piece of card, and £2 in it.

This very quickly became a chargable repair but had he been nice about it, I would have done it for free...and maybe even given back his £2 :roflmao:

Just shows... in the rare occassions, there are nice dealerships out there - I had hell with Audi Blackburn over a 9month period...I had also hell with Audi West London who had the worst cus. services (after Blackburn)

But I have had constant excellent and professional service from Audi Epsom who would do exactly what your dealership did...

The software upgrade does not even warrant any charge in labour ...the CDs are a few quid, you can just insert and leave it doing it in the carpark so the ones that charge £100+ should be closed down!

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Thats just what he said AJ.

He told me what kind of costs Audi like to charge for it doing but he wasn't having any of it. - as you say, stick the bugger in and leave it to update!!?? - whats hard about that!

anyway, I've lost some options on my car setup (instrument cluster options) and maybe one or two others.

Craigyb said the guy had to do something with the VAG to bring em back up again....

Im not sure how to put it to the guy, so he knows what he has to do? - do I just say he needs to unlock something??....

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It's just a case of plugging the car to a vag-com and changing the code to allow the instrument settings etc

Anyone in the service area will know what you mean, if he's a salesman, he might not know enough

two second job - the code that represents your "settings/spec" has probably just changed and they just need to change it back to what it was (they will know)

If you know anyone who has a vagcom then they can do it too - I could do it but I'm in London :)

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