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MK Meet - Wed 1 April


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Wed 1 April, 7:30pm for 8pm at the Caldecotte Arms, Milton Keynes.

The second MK meet of 2009 and the first of the summer (well, BST anyway). Another hour of light in the evening and hopefully some warmer dry weather = opportunity to stand around in a car park talking about cars! How could you possibly turn that down?

As usual, all are welcome and it would be great to see some new faces and cars. For any newcomers (or forgetful old timers) the Caldecotte Arms pub is by the junction of the A5 and the A4146 right next to the oddly shaped and now smoothly surfaced roundabout (keep an eye out for the fake windmill). Turn into the car park, drive down as far as the pub and then turn left towards the back.

The Caldecotte Arms

Bletcham Way


Milton Keynes



01908 366188


April 2007:


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...oddly shaped and now smoothly surfaced roundabout

'Bout bloody time! I was wondering when they were gonna do that damn roundabout, it was mullered! I remember when I took you, Techieboy and Ian out in the RS6 when the DRC was cream crackered - when I went round that bit, thought the entire chassis was gonna let go!

Cool, I'll be able to go round it faster now! :D

As always, so long as I'm not working, not ill, or don't have the missus do the old trick of putting an irresistible plate of hot food in front of me at the last minute to 'keep me indoors', then I should be there! :grin:

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I should be there unless I get a summons to Chester. Might be in the newly tweaked VX - assuming I don't break it on my French trackdays this weekend.+++

Would love to catch you in the Vx, didn't get long enough to pic your brains last time and the savings are looking good enough to take the plunge soon! Play footy on a wednesday tho but not till 8.15.

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Sorry chaps!

Not for me this month. When's the next one?

Unfortunately not made it either - just got in and in the morn will be off to Leeds at 6am!

Hope to see you all next month...

Think we decided it was time to return to monthly meets. So, first Wednesday of May.

Hopefully the supercharged beastie will make an appearance then.

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Good to see you all again! Went for the old Rodeo burger and it was well nice, though I didn't exactly need to be a 'Savant' to count the number of chips on my plate.. :rolleyes:

Anyway, 'twas nice to get there and still have light (sho we could shee how ugly we all are shee)..

Richard, shame on you for needing a 3 point turn to drive out of your carpark space, but the 5.0 V8 burble made up for it! :grin:

Roll on the summer!! :cool:

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Great to see all who turned up, epecially the long-lost Marcus +++. Boo to those who couldn't - hope to see you at the next one.

So, by common consent we're back to monthly meets - next one will therefore be Wed 6 May. Put it in your diaries! :znalika:

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