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Passat rear wash wipe problem


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Was wondering if anyone had any advice. I have a 2004, 54 plate passat 2.0 SE petrol estate. On the weekend I got what I thought was the usual rear wash/wipe electric problem where the dash said rear tailgate was open when I was driving along. Opened and closed the boot but sensor kept triggering on the dash and then the alarm starting going off in the evening when the car was parked on the driveway so I had to leave it unlocked overnight. I removed the panel on the boot on sunday and discovered as expected that the wash/wipe is leaking down the boot onto the sensor. The problem is that it is not leaking from where I have read where other people have had the problem where the water feed clips onto the plastic pipe at the back of the pump/motor mechanism. Mine is leaking somewhere inside as it pours out the back of the motor/pump mechanism when I press the wash/wipe. Another symptom I have noticed is that the washer spray now moves with the wiper rather than just spraying straight up onto the screen. I suspect that something has come loose just below the sprayer head and it is leaking out of there. Water still does come through the nozzle so it is not completely blocked.

I am thinking of just buying a whole new motor/pump unit for £86 from VW and fitting it myslef as it comes complete with the washer nozzle anyway. I can get one from a breakers for £40 but think it may be better to go with the new one.

I have disconnected both the wash/wipe and rear tailgate sensor for the short term and am hoping the sensor electrics dry out by themselves.

Anyone had experience of this problem and if so what did they do to fix it?

Many thanks.


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