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Dorset Meet

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I attended the Dorset meet this week, I'm warning other TSNers to avoid it in future :

I met 2 Tyresmokers who shall remain nameless *cough* poshmk2GtiownerwhointerfereswithcatsandanAustralianwithadeadMini*cough* was shouted at by a lout in Mondeo, was forced to drink German beer with port chasers, and awoke 14 hours later in a dirty B&B with badly bruised gentials...

This kind of thing should be banned. ;)

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You say this as if you don't like that. However your reputation as a man who likes S&M and homoersexual drinking establishments precedes you.

Hmm, I seem to remember Duisberg leading us to a very cosy 'fruits' bar in Germany, where much Jeagerbomb sillyness was had!


An ex took me there once, then wondered why I kept paying for her to have dances rather than myself!

Poor neive little thing:rolleyes:

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