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1 Gear & clucth & MMI upgrade


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I was thinking that I will share with you my experience from visit to the Audi dealer.I went there with two issues: MMI upgrade to the latest version for free due to me saying them that have problem with connection to my mobile and problem with playlist when play from iPhone (all made these were made up ) I just wanted 3D view and they found that there is no problem with connection but they upgraded , and second issue was that on the first gear I had no power&torque at all and they told me that in the past Audi spent huge money on repairing clutches under warranty, to prevent this or reduce at least, some cars (my is Audi A6 S-line 2006 September 2.0 DTI) had programmed ECU to reduce power on the first gear to prevent clutch spinning, They flashed ECU and MMI (4.5 hours !!!) and now is fine and torque as should. Audi Bedford (from my A6 was brought from didn't even inform me about it). Also as a bonus I had changed to new windscreen blades for free. I just requested. So these stealer's sometimes are giving something back

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