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how many batteries do I need for 98 passat key


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98 Passat B 5 remote locking key requires 2 x CR2016 3v lithium batteries which are 1.6mm thick giving a total thickness of 3.2mm. These are the correct batteries both in thickness and diameter. My 2002 Passat B 5.5 takes a single CR2032 3v which is the same diameter and 3.2mm thick.

Buy them fresh from a regular source. However they do have a life of up to 10 years in dry storage. I have recently paid £2.90 + Vat for a box of 10 Hitatchi/MAXELL CR2032 from Cousins UK - Wholesale Clock Watch parts batteries jewellery findings Tools E who apart from the website have two outlets, Cousins Material House in Romford and Cousins Tool Centre in The Jewellery Quarter, B'ham.

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