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[Audi A3/S3] Retrofiting Auto dimming side mirrors.


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Hi have any one retrofited auto dimming side mirrors?

I just retrofited the rear mirror inside and there are two cabels that should runt to each side mirror but I dont find any part number of the auto dimming side mirrors?

Does anyone know the part number or on what audi car the side mirrors are dimming? Then I could search the part from that car.


ohh. I have a Audi A3 8P so it should be a audi whit the same mirrors I think from 2003-2008 are the side mirrors the same.

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Thats how the mirror looks like, really easy retrofit and it is working very good. I also connected the mirror to the inside lighting and it does not dim when I light up inside the car. The color isent a 100% match but close enough.




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