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Bluetooth in late 06 Touareg

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Hi from a newbie.

Just cannot find the answer on a search of tyresmoke. I have just acquired a 3l V6 Treg - Dec 06 with all the bits bar a sensible phone connection. I have an Orbit XDA ( HTC by any other name) wife has an old Treo and struggles with that sometimes. Son has a new I-phone, Daughter has something small and fancy. None of these phones of course have cradle options and they will all need to use theTreg at sometime. Hence the need for some info on the bluetooth options, which the local agent was unable to answer!

As far as I can see the bluetooth options from VW involve installing a touch screen on the dashboard, does this mean the controls on the steering are still operational or is it all via the touch screen, and does it use the radio speakers or rely on separate fit speaker without muting. My old sony ericsson Bluetooth worked fine after getting the appropriate adaptors for speaker use/muting, but did not have to cope with a satnav screen.


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I managed to get my iphone paired with the bluetooth in my vw Touareg 3L V6 Altitude without the need for the Bluettoth touvh adapted VW sell! The only downside is the phonebook doesn't download but for making calls via the voice command on the multi function steering wheel works fine.

The problem which can only have been built into the Bluetooth modules in VW is that it not discoverable without a cradle present. I managed to locate the information that allows you to make the change a setting via the vag-com interface. I got a local garage to make the change and i was then able to pair my iphone with the blue tooth in the car.

The changes you need to make are as follows.. any VW technician will know how to get to this menu.

“Enter vag and go into the system go to control item 77

Enter into

Channel 133 (BT)

BT activate/deactivate.

Channel 134 (handsfree)

0 - handsfree over BT ----------- (change the 0 to 1 and you are done save try it out).

1 - handsfree only with mobile in cradle”

i called VW technical and even they hadn't heard of this way to enable any hone to pair with the Blue tooth module without having a cradle.

I am trying now to find someway of downloading the phone book but the iphone doesn't support the RSAP protocol which this system uses to acces the phone book. Funnily enough the RSAP protocol has been developed by Nokia who are the ones that make the bluetooth module !!

I hope this helps


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