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Well mine's arrived - few thoughts, couple of questions


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My new company A4 was delivered on Friday, done about 160 miles so far, but on a mixture of roads so have some thoughts. Spec is: 2.0TDi 170 Quattro, Meteor Grey, S-Line, with Heated Seats, Parking sensors, interior light pack, bluetooth phone and B&O sounds.

Intial thoughts, may be different to some already posted:

- Build quality is a little better than the B6 S4 I owned, and Much, Much better than the BMW 320d M Sport that I just stepped out of.

- Meteor gray looks good when clean and in the sun - rather darker than I was expecting but no bad thing. I ordered the silver stitching for the seats, s/wheel and gear gaiter - worth doing IMO as it lifts the interior a little.

- Engine is obviously tight yet, so can't comment much on performance, though seems to have plenty of go. Biggest thing I noticed from the BMW and previous B7 A4 diesels, is how quiet it is. Small rattle from cold start, but absolutely no diesel noise on acceleration (much more refined than the BMW in this respect) all you hear is a petrol like growl and a turbo whistle.

- Seats very good, on a par with the BMW M Sport seats, which are similarly excellent.

- Really feel the rear bias quattro - drive is nothing like a front wheel drive A4 and much more like the BMW - i.e. feels like it's RWD most of the time.

- B&O Sounds amazing - get this!

- Interior light pack also good, the footwell lights (front and rear are blueish LED's giving quite a neat effect.

- MY10 LED rear lights are similar pattern to those on the refreshed A6 and look very good.


- Anyone have experience of the BT phone with a BlackBerry 8100? Mine paired just fine, but I can't get the phone book to translate over.

- The AMI was missed off (I knew this) - Audi want £399 to retrofit, but having had previous very positive experience of Craigy B's services fitting RNSe to my S4, I think I'll go there (just need a receipt this time mate!). Before I do, can anyone who's got this please confirm that it does display tracks, playlists etc on the sat-nav screen?



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Further question (and this is probably me being dumb!) - although I used SD cards just fine on my S4's RNSe, I've put some MP3's on a 2GB SD card and the Concert system is only picking up about 10 of the songs! I've moved them around and made two play-lists which are recognised, but still only about 10 songs. Never had this problem on the RNSe, so wondering what it is I'm doing wrong?

Also anyone know how I-Tunes files can be translated into mp3's to go onto SD?



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So... while I don't have my car yet, so I shouldn't really be able to comment... the mention of iTunes immediately made me wonder if DRM is having a part to play here.

Do the MP3s play on any device, other than your iPod or the computer where iTunes is installed? Maybe the 10 MP3s that you can see and play in the car do not have DRM, it is a long-shot, but it's all that I can immediately think of.

Cheers, DpM

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