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Bad News => Good News


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So, ex Mrs decided to hit the corner of my 2007 A6 Quattro S-Line car, the other day!!?? - It was parked so how she managed it, I've no idea!?:confused:

slight damage to front driver corner of bumper.

Asked the Audi Stealer if they could 'do something' so I could get a new bumper as opposed to a poxy repair.

Audi said yes so I said i wanted the new 2009 s-line facelift bumper (it looks loads better than the previous s-line).

Stealer told me that all bits should be transferable apart from the foglight surrounds, which you could see were a different shape - £50ish to get some.

He calls me 2 days ago "bit of bad news, more bits have changed so its gonna cost extra!!"

- If you boys fancy upgrading to the gorgeous new front, bare in mind the following....

NEW BUMPER (thats a given!):o


New FogLight Surrounds

New Head light washer caps

New Headlight washer pressure thingys (sit behind the caps)

so, not costing £50 anymore - but now £330!

Bare in mind that you would have to pay for a new shape bumper and painting.

Unless, you have an ex-mrs that hasn't had 1 year without an accident in the last 6 years of driving (she passed her test 6 years ago by the way!!):roflmao:

Lovely insurance co gave me a new Range Rover Vogue for the time being!!

Once Audi back, will stick pix on to show the changes of the front - just need a stupid idiot to run into my headlights so I can blag the LED ones!!+++

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