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[Audi A3/S3] S3 Turbo not kicking in...


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Hi guys - seems I have a few problems with the motor at the moment, and wondering if they could be related! So first things first:

1. Clutch feels odd - Quite often, when I brake and dip the clutch, I can actually 'feel' the clutch disengaging/engaging through the brake pedal....

2. Power delivery hasn't been normal with the turbo for the last few days

3. As of this morning, the turbo won't kick in at all.

What the hell is it? I had the hoses checked out a few weeks ago, as it went into limp mode - found a leak and repaired, all good. I can still hear the turbo winding up (normal sound) - also, my engine management fuse blew last week (fuse no #29), which I replaced and all was OK.

I had the clutch and flywheel replaced last year, only done another 8k miles since then... no problems with gear selection, wondering if it the flywheel? No clutch slip either, just slower than normal power delivery, until this morning when turbo won't even kick in at all.

Any ideas??

Checked fault codes through the climate control, nothing showing....

Cheers :confused:

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Ok - seem to have found the problem. Engine mounts.

Just incase anyone else has these symptoms - good way of checking if your mounts are on the way out:

Handbrake on, in gear and dip the clutch a few times. If the engine is rocking around like a loon, then its probably that.

Causes the vibration and 'feeling the clutch engage' through the pedal box, which I referred to and reckon the movement has caused one of the hoses to split (which is why the turbo wasn't kicking in). Also, power delivery down of course, as I was losing torque and drive due to the engine movement.

£200 fix it seems.

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Well found! and welcome to Tyresmoke.

For full fault diagnosis you want VCDS. Previously known as Vag-com, although to be fair it would struggle with somthing mechanical like an engine mount!

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