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engine reving


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Hi. Just thought I'd try and see if anyone has an idea on this. Never seen

it on any vw tdi.


going down road at 40mph revs say at 3500rpm let foot off accelorator car jerks wanting to go forward (engine should be braking)


At 40 mph 3500rpm let foot off accelorator nudge into neutral without

touching clutch or accelerator, revs stay at 3500 (hence jerking forward when in gear). Depress clutch engine revs return to

normal. You can set the engine revs at whatever you want until you depress clutch . If you press the clutch quickly in and out the revs stay again but at the point where the clutch was let up . (microswitch under clutch pedal seems to controls this.

Checked: MAF ECG, leaks in positive pressure system( N75 ok). Turbo seems fine pulls hard. Although I think its sensor ecu related.

EGR cleaned and working No fault codes. Road test showing all perameters ok. Checked pedal actuator cant see a problem. only thing left ecu??

Thought I new these engines???? :ffs:

Any help welcome?



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