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what could i have damaged?


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long story short, was parked in a field yesterday, on the way out, i drove into an unsighted hole in the feild and the underside of the car impacted on a rock.

(i was doing about 5-10mph at the time)

i had a look under the car, and there is no oil leaking, or other visable impact mark.

it was on the left side, maybe 12-18" inches in, but might have been a bit more.

anyway, the car drives fine, there are no un-usual noises, the steering feels fine.

drove home yesterday, (100+miles) and all felt and sounded ok.

however this morning, when i started the car, there was a slight but definate vibration when the car was in P, and strong in D, and shifted to N, and it felt like it was when it started. i drove it a little to see if there was anything up, and again it drove fine.

when i lift off, there is an odd feeling, i know thats not very technical, but it just feels different.

the vibration in gear is not there when its warm, and lift off feeling is.

the car is due a service, but what can i ask the garage to look out for ?

have i done any serious damage, or just mis-aligned something?


P.S. i never went with the milltek in the end.

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huzzah, apparently nothing, well nothing a pull bar couldnt sort out

there is a bracket running across the exhaust channel, the stone hit there, and bent it up and it pinned the exhaust to the underfloor.

once it was straightened the vibration was gone.

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