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1.8t probs ??


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recenently decided to get another golf after a long break got a 1.8t 150 since getting it the stop light comes on with the temp guage dropping down to 0 whilst drivng, I was told it was the temp sensor so I changed this,,

Now however same day I have a management light on constant and the temp needle is still eratic,

and the stop light still comes on with the car running fine,

Any help would be great thanks ???

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Id be looking at your water pump on this one my friend........too much G12 or too little causes the impeller to break up or spin on the shaft causing the car to overheat or the needle to be erratic.(G12 being the pink stuff)

Easy way to tell is carefully pull off the smaller expansion tank hose, aim into the tank with the cap off as not to loose any coolant then start the engine. There should be a steady flow of coolant coming out of the pipe when running. If there is no flow,but only when revved its a sure indication the fault is as described above.

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