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hi there, hoping you can help me, I have a 2005 2l tdi, a couple of days ago the engine management light came on the dash, car was running fine, light came on and the throttle response is slower, and the engine is running "rough"

had it scanned by ATS and got 2 reports from them:

EODB reported fault codes

P2100 throttle valve control motor open circuit

P2102 throttle valve control motor signal too small

Bosch system reported Engine Management System 1 fault codes

463 throttle valve communication faulty

500 cooler fan stage 1 short to earth

459 throttle valve short to earth

circulating coolan pump voltage too high (sorry no number for this one)

cleared the faults, restarted car, light stayed off for a few minutes, then re-appeared, rescanned and same fault codes came up, cleared once more, started engine, as i drove off, light came back on

I am wondering if this is likely to be a wiring issue (not sure if the 2 circuits are routed through same connector maybe??)

or maybe a sensor fault

or maybe worst case scenario of a new throttle body?

Any advice would be welcomed, I would prefer not to have to rely on main dealer if possible, but even some idea of what costs might be involved would help a lot

I am in the Accrington area, if anyone knows of an independant specialist in the area this would also be a massive help

thanks in advance

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