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Tried to fit old bottom to new top of key fob


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I bought a new key fob (case only) and sat down to swap the internals from my old key. I did the metal key putting that in the new case but couldn't get the bottom apart so decided to plug that into the top bit.

I opened the car ok with the remote. I tried to start the car but it turns over a few times then stops. It displays 'SAFE' on the dash lights. I now know that the top part of the key has some electronics in it and have now put the old key back together. However it still says 'SAFE' and I can't start the car. I disconnected the battery to try to clear the problem without success. And now the remote locking of the key fails too. Next stop Audi and a fat bill ?

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The top part of your key contains the transponder, that communicates with the dashboard via the reader on the ignition barrel. You need to open the old top part of the key, and look inside for a little glass bulb about 5-7mm long, that's the transponder. Remove it (very) carefully and put it into the new key, and the car will start.

As for recoding your remote, try putting the key in, ignition on, ignition off, remove key from ignition and press the lock button. That should resync it.


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