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Smart LED TV 42" or above with budget of Max £500.


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Found this one so far which ticks all the boxes but before purchasing it i thought id ask the masses if im missing anything obvious.

Samsung UE42F5500 | 42 inch LED TV 1080p HD Ready Freeview HD | Richer Sounds

Buying it for my parents and my mum likes to think she knows about technology and wanted a 'smart TV' so she was do things connected to the net with it such as youtube. Also my bro has a PS3 (will be getting a PS4) which will be hooked up to it as well.

5 year warranty there and i think its the same price as John Lewis where i got my own TV from about 3 years ago.

Any alternatives?


Fizz +++

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Looks good to me, bargain at that price.

One thing I wish i'd made sure my TV had in retrospect is YouTube connectivity.

With the seeming demise of Top Gear and pretty much any other motoring related shows that aren't about finding old wrecks and restoring them (we seem to get about two episodes of TG or 5th a year now), on-line channels such as Drive and that one TDK does stuff for who I can't remember, seem to be filling the gap, and i'd much rather watch them on my TV in HD than on my phone.

Yes I could use the PS3 or the Wii or any one of the other devices connected to the TV, but I can't be arsed.

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