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help on buying used Cabrio A4


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Hi all,

It's about time to go after my deam car...

I'm looking for a used Cabrio A4 or a 80 with about 4 to 6yo.

I need advise on what to look and ask about some particular details (known mechanical problems).

Can you help me with you experience/advise?

king regards,

Paulo Sousa

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If you can stretch to an A4 then that is without doubt the way to go. The previous model is (as you rightly say) based on the old Audi 80 so you are getting very old technology. That said, the previous model is still a great looking car, I followed one last week that coincidently was a very similar colour and hood colour as mine and it looked terrific so if the budget won't stretch to a new shape then the previous shape is well worth a look. There is a chap on here with a green one (pictures in the gallery) and I think he's very pleased with it. if he sees this post I'm sure he can give you more advice on this.

I'd want air con if poss (standard in the new model) as on very hot days sometimes it can be too hot to drop the roof (or you're on a motorway in heavy traffic or something so don't want the roof down) and they'll get very hot inside with the top up.

I'd also be keen on a power hood (again standard on the new model) but I'm told the manual hood on the old model was extremely easy to operate and you immediately avoid a lot of complication by avoiding the power roof so I wouldn't dismiss a manual roof car.

Other than that, not a lot to add other than this was my dream car too a year ago, and it's more than surpassed my high expectations, I love it! smlove2.gif

Good luck, and let us know how you get on! beerchug.gif

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what year did the A4 Cabrio went in market replacing the 80 based cabrio?

I've go 2 offers near me (Portugal):

1998',100000km, leather, e-hood, 1800cc, 115cv, 17500€ (? on A/C)

1992', 100000km, leather, m-hood, 2300cc, 10000€

comments are welcome...


[/ QUOTE ]

They'll both be the Audi 80 based cabrio.

Funnily enough when I left work tonight a chap I know was just rolling up in his new Audi Cabrio "Audi 80 version".

Looked really smart, a 2000 1.8 in dark blue with power hood, remote central locking/alarm, electric windows etc. He's only had it three weeks but he's really pleased with it.

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